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Environmental Education Endorsement

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The Environmental Education Endorsement (EEE) is a specialty area that teachers may elect to take within a college coursework towards a Masters degree or Rank One certification or as an extended area of study, followed by design, execution, and reporting on the success of a skill-specific learning unit.  MSU currently offers an endorsement in Reading and Writing Specialist Endorsement attached to a Master of Arts in Education. 

The proposed EEE will have a similar structure.  The EEE is relevant to grades P-12 and all subject area Program of Studies.  Students seeking the Fifth-Year, MA in Education, MA Teaching, or the Rank I in elementary, middle grades, or secondary education may complete the EEE.  Other certified teachers and students in the M.A.T program are also eligible for this endorsement.  These courses may be taken as the Content/Specialization of the M.A. and Fifth-year programs, and the Professional Area of the Rank-I program.  Upon completion of the required coursework, EEE-students are required to complete the implementation and summation of a 40-hour EEE learning unit and pass a multiple-choice exit examination covering the principles of the environmental education as defined by North American Association of Environmental Education (NAAEE).

The EEE is guidelines have been developed by the NAAEE as part of the National Project for Excellence in Environmental Education.  The guidelines were developed following extensive review and discussion among teachers, education administrators, environmental scientists, curriculum developers, university faculty members, and staff from education and natural resources departments.  The development of the guidelines was funded by the Environmental Protection Agency through the Environmental Education and Training Partnership. The NAAEE guidelines have been endorsed and adopted by National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). Therefore, all of the NAAEE guidelines for the Environmental Education Endorsement address NCATE requirements.    

The Endorsement is waiting for approval from the Kentucky Education Profession Standards Board. We expect to have this approved by fall of 2008. 

Required Course Work                                                                                hours

Core Courses:

RAPP 685 Advanced Environmental Education Methods                          3

RAPP 637 Environmental Policy and Management                                   3


Elective Courses:                                                                                        

One elective must be chosen from Group A, the second from Group B

Group A Electives                                                                                       3

AGR 612 Conservation Workshop

BIOL 653 Environmental Education

NRES 610 (transferred from the University of Wisconsin [an on-line course offered at in-state tuition rates])

BIOL 699 Special Workshop Topic (if approved by advisor)

Group B Electives                                                                                       3

SCI 676 Environmental Chemistry

BIOL 635 Advanced Ecology

BIOL 636 Wetland Ecology and Management

GEO 605 Conservation and Natural Resources

Total Program Hours                                          12

Frequently Asked Questions

1. For students in the MAT program, can they use EEE courses as the science electives?  Response:  Science electives for MAT students need to be approved by MAT and science faculty.

2. Can teachers that have already completed their graduate program enroll in just the EEE?    Response:  Yes, anyone who has a teaching certificate can enroll in the EEE program and received EEE endorsement.

3. Can students count these classes toward a rank 1?  Response:  Yes, since these are graduate courses in a planned program they CAN be used as part of a Rank I program.

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