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Environmental Education Center (EEC)

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Part of the Institute for Regional Analysis and Public Policy (IRAPP) at Morehead State University

What is the EEC?

The Environmental Education Center (EEC)is part of the Kentucky University Partnership for Environmental Education (KUPEE). Founded in 2002 with the help of funding from the U.S. Department of Education, KUPEE is a partnership of all the state Universities in Kentucky. Kentucky is the only state to have an Environmental Education Center at every public institution.clean up earth day

MSU’s center provides funding for supplies and equipment to ensure that all pre-service teachers at Morehead State University may receive some training in environmental education. We also do outreach and research in environmental issues and environmental education.

What does the EEC Do?

Some of our activities include:

Why Environmental Education?

The Kentucky Environmental Education Council has determined that there is a demand and need for more environmental education in the Commonwealth. Environmental issues and problems are political, social, mathematic, biological, and physical; therefore, environmental education can provide a students with a reason to learn all the topics. In an increasingly interactive nation, citizens will be needed who have the ability to critically evaluate complex topics.

Environmental Education provides an integrating context for learning. Research shows that when students, especially those in the critical elementary and middle grade, can have a hands-on interactive learning experience with a relevance to their life, they will learn all subjects better. We strongly support, and are striving to meet, the goals set forth in Land Learning and Legacy II.

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